Stack of Cards

18 Feb

Over the Christmas holidays I was able to spend some time being creative which was great even though I made a big mess of my studio.  Sometimes I wonder if I just have too much stuff…..NEVER!

Anyway I had a bunch of sentiment rub ons that I’d collected for quite some time and I decided it was time to put them to good use.  So I grabbed out my scrap cardstock and cut it into card bases and made a bunch of cards ready for various occasions.

Whoa there what happened to the focus…this photo was fine when I up loaded it!  I’ll try to fix this up soon!

I cannot tell you how fantastic I felt making a dent in my scraps and rub ons.  So now I have a nice little pile of cards at hand and I won’t have to panic and make cards at the last minute.  I think I need to do this more often and build up a nice stash.  It’s a perfect way to while away a Sunday afternoon!

So tell me do you have a marathon card making session and stock up on handmade creations or do you sit up at midnight making a birthday card for the next day?  Let me know via the comments, I’m very curious to know how many people are super organised!



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