improvements and finished layouts

5 Sep

Lately I’ve spent a bit of time tidying up those UFO’s (unfinished objects) and WIP’s (work in progress).  It so easy to get distracted when you are working on a craft project and never get back to it, or in most of my experiences, create a layout and never attach any photo’s to it!  This happens to me A LOT.  So a little while ago I dragged out all those half made layouts and finished them off once and for all.

This layout is from Kaszazz National Training Day in May.  These are our two crazy cats Scratchy and Clemantyne.  The photo on the left was taken with my mobile phone, I just love the composition.  Shots like these are flukes for me as I’m a pretty average photographer!

You may have seen these next few LO’s before as single pages.  I decided to add another page or in some cases; pocket pieces.  I did want to show people that you can still make the pocket pieces even if you don’t have that style of album – all you need to do is attach the pieces to a 12×12 base and viola!  This was a tip gleaned from May training.

Once I had finally finished off all these layouts I felt such a wonderful sense of achievement.  It was like they had been hanging over my head, always in the back of my mind as I job I HAD to do one day.

This layout was inspired by a Make and Take card.  I wanted to show how you can use ideas from one or the other.

Do you have any WIP’s or UFO’s lurking in the back of your craft room or are you a diligent crafter that completes everything that they start in a timely manner?  I’d love to hear any tips on how to get projects done from start to finish (without 6 months passing in between!).



One Response to “improvements and finished layouts”

  1. Morty September 17, 2010 at 7:50 am #

    Hi Kris – I have chosen this lovely project to feature on the Kaszazz Blog Find site this week.

    You’ll find it here…

    Morty – KBF

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