Photo Distortion

15 Dec

Hi all, I have been alerted to a possible issue with the photos on my blog not displaying properly.

My friend and fellow Kaszazz consultant Jess told me that when she reads my blog the photos are all long and stretched out.  I think I know what may be the cause…I use Mozilla Firefox as my internet browser and it all looks good to me (I like to preview before posting to make sure there’s no problems) however this morning I had a look at my blog while logged into windows as James and he uses Internet Explorer and lo and behold my photos were indeed stretched to the proverbial s**t house. Excuse the french!!!!! So I will attempt to adjust them while in explorer and see what happens. I do apologise if you have been looking at fun house style photos but hopefully I can fix this.  It only seems to be the posts since September by the way.



EDIT~ I have reduced the photos as much as possible and while there is great improvement some are still a little “stretched” so if this bothers you I would suggest clicking on each photo to view it in a larger format and properly proportioned!


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