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20 Feb

A new discovery (for me anyway). My last post was typed in word and uploaded to wordpress. I didn’t really know about this before and I’m a bit excited as it has potential to make my blogging easier. We have issues with our internet dropping out at crucial moments so perhaps by doing it this way I can avoid lots of loud swearing at the computer. This is my second post using this method so I will try a few fancy things to make sure I am doing it right!

Ok it seems links are a tad fiddlier, will have to work on that. More research is needed me thinks..unless I go back to my original idea of typing in word then using the old cut and paste method? Will try that next. Please bear with me as I work this all out!

Much obliged.



One Response to “Posts with Word”

  1. Catherine Warnock April 22, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    Hi Kris

    Checked out your blog – cool!! I have learned a lot about you in just a few minutes and I am sure you will make a fantastic Big! (Imagine all the fun things you and your little can do together).

    You might like to check out my blog too at It’s not really a personal blog as much as a vehicle to upload my Kitchen Philosopher column (Chronicle etc) articles and also to promote my book. Hope you like it! cheers and talk soon.

    Cath Warnock

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