20 Feb

Hi everyone or should I say anyone? Yes I know I have been missing in action for a loooong time but I won’t go on about how busy I’ve been or how sorry I am. Instead I will get on with writing. I have been humming and harr-ing about whether to keep up this blog and the short answer is yes. I’m not sure if any readers are still following or if they thought I’d dropped off the planet for good but I’ve decided that to continue I need to re-focus. Stop worry about every little wee thing, like perfect spelling, which font looks nicer, correct grammar, the right tags, enough links, stylish photos etc etc on and on. While those things are still fairly important I need to stop being so anal about it all and just write. I’m sure other bloggers will understand where I am coming from – worrying so much about gaining readers and keeping them interested…Not that I don’t want readers anymore but I don’t feel I should be out there hunting them down so to speak.

Anyway long story short; things may look and read a little different around here from now on.

Here’s an update to bring you up to speed on my life outside of the blog-o-sphere::

  • The new house is really feeling like home now, I still haven’t put up my pictures yet so the walls look a little blank but we’ve definitely settled in now.
  • Summer here has been pretty much non-existent. There has been so much rain it’s not funny. We have fast growing grass so poor James has to mow the lawn almost twice weekly with the rain/sunshine combo.
  • I have used the pool as much as weather permits and it’s awesome. So many people say how much hard work they are but for me there’s not much too it once you know what you are doing! It’s like staying at a resort and being able to jump in whenever it takes you fancy.
  • The dogs and cats are well, not much news there – they mostly laze around snoozing 90% of the time.
  • I resigned from Kaszazz a few months ago. It was a long thought out decision but I am happy about it. I’m still paper crafting at home and loving the freedom of using all sorts of wonderful products from different manufacturers. I will continue to blog about it do not fear!
  • I haven’t sewn anything else since the skirt but I really want too.
  • I am working four days a week in Wangaratta now which is just over 30min drive. Am pretty pooped when I get home so need to be super organised with meals and housework. Some days work is quite full on and I fall in a heap when I get through the front door.
  • My super generous awesome Mum gifted me a Thermomix. This thing has life changing potential if you let it. I have been whipping up a proverbial storm in the kitchen so you’ll see more posts about cooking now. I love it, it’s simply amazing. More on that later!

Well let me see, I think that’s about it really. I haven’t been reading as many blogs as I used to, I do try to keep up with my favourites though. I hope you will hang around to witness the changes. This time, no more empty promises of regular posts and perfect photos…just me.




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