mmmmmm torta caprese

9 Apr

aka flourless almond cake.  It’s in my oven right now and I can’t wait.  I’m seriously contemplating having it for dinner…..

Here’s some of the ingredients ready to be whizzed including the 6 yes SIX eggs used in the recipe.  I just happened to have an over abundance of eggs (I just can’t say no to free produce) so thought it was time to try this recipe.  It’s from the Thermomix Everyday Cooking recipe book that comes with your tm (thermomix).

That’s the almonds and chocolate milled and grated in the tm.  I used 70% chocolate from the confectionary aisle, you can also get 70% in the cooking aisle too, I just use what’s on special that week.

So I will try to remember to photograph the torta caprese before I demolish it all.  I am fairly confident it will turn out great after the lemon meringue pie success.




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