Wall decor and mini make-over

30 Apr

I mentioned last post that I’d been cleaning out my studio yet again….do you find yourself enjoying the tidying and tizzying of your workspace more than actually crafting sometimes – even if you feel guilty doing it?  I knew I wasn’t alone when I came across this post from MelStampz.  Well I did finish cleaning and in the process made my studio a little prettier to boot.

Every time I look at it, it makes me happy.  I got this old banged up beast of a corkboard from work when they were rearranging the offices.  I had grand plans to rip off the pine frame and find an old ornate picture frame to re-paint in some funky solid colour and use with the cork, I’m sure you’ve seen this idea around, they look really fantastic.  So of course I had this sad-looking corkboard propped against the studio wall gathering dust for ages and I hadn’t even looked for a fancy ornate frame yet.  I decided to face the reality that I will probably never get around to finishing that particular project and I grabbed my corkboard, wound some kitchen twine around it so the frame wouldn’t fall off and hung it on my wall.  Then came the fun part – pinning up lots of lovely to look at things, like those teacup cards I made and anything else that gives me inspiration or just looks cute.  I love the idea that this is going to be like a constantly evolving artwork as I find new things to pin-up, or paint parts of the frame and so on.  I’ve seen lots of scrapper’s rooms with their inspirations boards proudly displayed but I’d just never got around to having my own.  If you don’t have something like this in your studio I highly recommend you do something about it – it will make you feel warm and fuzzy every time you see it.

Here’s my mini makeover that is so ridiculously simple I feel silly posting it.  I had a “cheap shop” alarm clock that had been ugly and unadorned forever in my studio.  I needed to have a clock in there so I knew when it was time to go to bed!  After I made my corkboard I was inspired [see it worked already] to put a wire edged, red and white check, scrap of ribbon around the clock.  That’s it.  That’s all I did and it looks so cute now.

Kris xox


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