what’s cookin’ ?

25 May

Wow May already and we are edging closer to winter each day brrr!  Winter is not my favorite time of year but at least there is more time inside for crafts and cooking. 

I have been compiling my own Thermomix word document full of recipes and tips and my friend Juene has just pointed me in the direction of another great TM blog called Quirky Cooking.  Jo has some fantastic recipes on her blog that include wheat free and dairy free foods so if you are struggling with dietary limitations head on over to Jo’s.  James and I are lucky in that we don’t have any food allergies or intolerance so we can eat just about anything however there are some tasty looking recipes on quirky that I am dying to try out like Sue – Ellen’s Singapore Noodles and Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup.  Don’t they sound devine?  Well just wait till you see the photos!  Jo is somewhat of chocaholic so she has lots of recipes of that nature including how to make your own dairy free chocolate – who knew? 

I also came across Tenina’s blog which is choc full of scrumptious looking TM recipes.  Today I was inspired by both these blogs and have made Jo’s Rice-Almond Milk which was really easy.  So far I’ve only had it in my Rooibus tea and it’s a very mild almond flavour.  And I made Tenina’s Date and Honey Loaf which was also a breeze and rose nicely even though I had my doubts.  It tastes like treacle or ginger bread even though there’s no ginger in it.  Just lovely smothered in butter with a cup of tea!  I’ve also stuck some almonds in the oven to roast to try making almond butter so we’ll see how that turns out.

My friend Juene is a Thermomix consultant so if you are wondering what it’s all about she can hook you up with a free demo if you’re in our area (NE Vic).  I can highly recommend this magical machine – the possibilities for using it are endless and I am more than happy with mine.  I don’t think Juene has a blog but if you’d like more info drop me a line or comment and I can pass your details on to her.

Speaking of Juene, this weekend I am heading over to her retreat for some scrapbooking and card making with some friends from Kaszazz.  I actually put an order in and got the Tree stamp that Nadia made all those cards with at my place!  Looking forward to some creative goodness.  Oh and Juene will be cooking most of our meals with the TM, yummo.  I have to mention that both Nadia and Kaylene had Thermomix demo’s after the crafty weekend at my house and they both bought one.  Once you see it in action you just fall head over heels!

Ok off to pack for the weekend and make some almond butter :o)



2 Responses to “what’s cookin’ ?”

  1. Tenina May 25, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    Hi Kris, glad you love your Thermomix…AND my recipe site..thanks for that! Love yours too!

  2. Tenina June 21, 2011 at 11:08 am #

    Hey Kris, thanks for the mention, and just checking in to say nice blog…keep it up! 🙂

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