A wonderful vacation

13 Jun

Recently we went on a fabulous holiday.  It was fabulous for many reasons; the sights, exploring new places, history, nature, animals, friends but one of the best things about it was coming home debt free!  Yep we saved our pennies for a long time, paid for flights, accomodation, tours and anything we could before we actually left, plus we had plenty saved for spending too.  Wow what a great feeling being on holidays and spending money without guilt.

We went to Darwin for a week which was friendly and warm (32 degrees Celsius everyday).  We saw amazing things like Katherine Gorge, giant termite mounds and gorgeous waterfalls then we headed out of Brisbane on a cruise.  Our friends got married on the ship which was pretty special in itself.  We had a week on board and sailed up the coast of Queensland.  It was fantastic and we had some great times one of which was snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef.

It really was a no holds barred holiday and I’m so glad we did it.  I know we won’t have another big holiday for a while now, although we did meet some lovely New Zealanders who offered us a bed…..


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