Menu Plan Monday

18 Jun

Hey there, happy Monday!  I don’t mind Mondays because I don’t work them – what a great way to start the week don’t you think?  I do however do my weekly grocery shopping and in order to do that I need a plan.  Not just any old plan but a menu plan!  I’m one of those weird people who love making lists and organising things so it suits me to know what we’ll be eating for the week.  It also helps that horrible sensation of “what am I going to cook for dinner” when you get home at 6.15pm and it’s dark outside and the furkids are screaming.

I’ve tried a few different ways of menu planing and for me what works is just planing out the dinners.  Because there’s only two of us (humans) and most recipes serve four or more we usually eat left overs from dinner the next day for lunch, which saves making more food (or thinking about it at all).

So here’s the plan for this week…

MON – lamb sausage rolls with roast potatoes and green veg

TUE –  tuna a la king (TM) with pasta

WED – creamy chicken and brown rice soup (TM) with home made bread

THU – I’m out on the town so J is batchin’ it!

FRI – massaman beef, veg and noodle stir fry (TM)

SAT – tandoori drumsticks with homemade rice a roni and veg

SUN – roast pork and veg

and (TM) = Thermomix!

So how does that sound?  Yum methinks.  Tell me now, do you meal plan?  wing it? get take away? how do you stave off the age old question of “what’s for dinner?”


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