Menu Plan Monday

16 Jul

Last week was much smoother having my trusty meal plan to follow.  So much easier.

Here’s the plan for this week…

MON – spinach potato soup with royale custard (TM) and home made bread

TUE –  cheapie tuesday, mac and cheese (TM)

WED – veal schnitzels with veg and rice in yoghurt sauce (TM)

THU – venison steaks with dumpling variation (TM)

FRI – pastitsio with salad

SAT – home made pizza (TM)

SUN – baked tandoori drumsticks with salad and potato wedges

(TM) = Thermomix and (SC) = slow cooker

The spinach soup and dumplings are new recipes I’m trying out this week, both from the Varoma recipe book “Full steam ahead”.

I’ve also decided we need one night a week that is a cheap feed, like “dollar dinners” though I don’t think many people can come up with dinner for a dollar these days with the cost of groceries!  So Tuesday nights I’m going to make as cheap (and yet still yummy) a meal as possible, we’ll see how that goes!  Any cheap dinner suggestions are more than welcome.

Happy Monday All


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