I am in love

23 Nov

with Pinterest.  How did I ever get by without you?  I can’t believe how much great stuff is on there.  I could can spend hours just looking at brilliant ideas, recipes and crafts.  This is how I found one my my new favourite blogs, chocolate covered katie.  Katie makes vegan food fun and most of it is sugar free which has been a major help to me when I want something nice or a special treat.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

I mean look at that!  And everything is actually healthy.  I’ve been making a few of Katie’s recipes and they have all been fabulous successes.

And look at this art anyone could do – I’ve got it pinned on my to-do list!

Take a peek at this gorgeous painted cross-stitch.  So many talented people out there and now there’s a fantastic platform to share them on.

荷兰女设计师Eline Pellinkhof是位十字绣爱好者,她在自家墙上绘制了一幅类似十字绣视觉效果的玫瑰,方法很简单,找来现成的十字绣图案,对应位置在墙上画叉就行,只是对调色有一定要求。

Heart you Pinterest.



One Response to “I am in love”

  1. sianhannah November 23, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    Wow I love this first image, the cute Ice Cream cone, I will deffinately be checking out ‘Chocolate Covered Katie today 🙂 x

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