Healthy Nutella?

26 Nov

Yes it does exist – yipee.  I made some for the first time last week and it is good.  I used two recipes and made my own but I didn’t write it down as I wanted to see if it actually worked and tasted good.  I think I will tweak it next time as I used butter and it is quite hard (has to be refrigerated) to spread.  I might use this batch in something that calls for Nutella.  Here’s the links to the two recipes…chocolate covered katie and quirky cooking.  After I made it I also found a recipe in Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar cookbook that I have!

My choc hazelnut spread was made in the thermomix and with natural sugar substitutes (I gave up sugar in Feb).  It’s nice to have something to spread on toast since jam is out of the question.  Unless I make sugar free jam……hmmm.


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