Homemade Mod Podge

1 Dec


It’s so easy you will wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.  There are heaps of instructions on the net just google it, but basically it’s just half white glue and half water mixed together.  I personally found that to be too runny so I would put your glue in your jar first and try a third of water to start with and go from there.

From further investigations white glue or Elmers glue as they call it in the states is just a PVA or “wood work” glue.  I think mine was Selleys woodwork glue.  Home made mod podge is not exactly the same as the real deal, it’s thinner and the finish is slightly different so I would suggest making some, trying it out and comparing the two.  I know I will still use Mod Podge for some things but my home made stuff will be my go-to glue.  Since saving pennies is a hobby of mine this glue ticks all the right boxes.  My bottle of woodwork glue had been laying idle for quite a few years so it’s good to be able to use it on my crafts.

I don’t know if this would be acid free so use it with care, also this dries to a matt finish though I did read you can add varnish for a gloss finish.  I won’t bother as I’d have to go buy some but if you’ve got it laying around give it a whirl and let me know your results!


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