Just in time for Christmas

20 Dec

I’ve been borrowing a bunch of great sewing books from the library recently that have got me all excited about stitching stuff.  Not to mention all the fabulous things I’ve found on Pinterest.  I’ve been meaning to make place mats for quite a while since they seemed to be a fairly easy, straight forward project and I bought some retro print Christmas fabric from Spotlight ages ago and it just sat there all lost and lonely in the spare room.  Until last weekend…


Excuse the lighting, the weather has been really random lately, they aren’t pinkish in real life.  And look Ma – reversible!


I wanted something on the back that could be used for other occasions like Easter or even just everyday.  I got this material from St Vinnies and I believe it was a sheet set in a former life.  I love the full on flower power.  I have lots left over and another full sheet so my mind is racing with all the possibilities.

Now they aren’t perfectly square, and I learnt quite a few things along the way but hey that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?  I had so much fun with these and when I’d top stitched the first one I actually squealed with glee.  I love them so much and I get to see them everyday, yay.  I did make six as we do have six dining chairs but for day to day I like to only put four chairs out, it looks less crowded that way.  Plus there’s only two of us that should be sitting in chairs, though the furkids do give it red hot go when they can get away with it.

I can see myself making more of these, they feel lovely on the table and the size is perfect for dinner plate, glass and cutlery without being overwhelming.  I’m tempted to try coasters next!


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