Homemade hand wash

22 Dec

I am quite pleased with myself lately and I’ll tell you why…instead of just pinning a bunch of wonderful projects and ideas to my Pinterest page and letting them fester…I am actually making and doing!  I’m sure you know what I mean, you see a great idea on the interwebs and think hey I need to do that, then six or 12 months down the track you see it again and say “bugger, I never got around to that”.  Please tell me I am not alone?

Anyway so this is one such occasion where I’ve actually done something, it’s only simple but I like it, it’s practical,  pretty and cheap.  You cannot go wrong when your project ticks those three boxes.



It’s the simplest hand wash ever.  Take one empty foaming pump dispenser, add about a tablespoon of liquid castile soap (I used Dr Bronners unscented), top up with filtered water, screw pump back in and mix about.  Viola!  Thanks to this post by  thankyourbody that got me off my butt to do it.  I reused a container I had from previously bought liquid castile soap hand wash (years ago and it cost significantly more than this homemade recipe) which I always muttered about because no matter how many times I re-screwed the pump back on, it always ended up with the back of the label facing front.  And that just irks me.  So I fixed that quick smart with some scrapbook paper, tiny letters “wash your filthy mitts” and two strips of clear packing tape to stop water ruining my lovely polka dots.  Oh and a bit of kitchen string to top it off, which is cheap to replace if it goes yuck and just finishes it off nicely.  I was doing this project fairly quickly so I did get wrinkles in my tape but I don’t really care and being clear it’s not that noticeable but you could do it nice and smooth if you took an extra two minutes!

So back to the soap, yes it works.  I should have taken a photo with the foam coming out.  It feels quite rich even though there’s hardly any soap in it and the unscented one has a clean smell that I quite like.  This little baby now sits on my kitchen sink which is where I wash my hands the most.  It looks rather perky and makes me smile every time I wash up.  I kinda wish I had more empty foam dispensers so I could make some for the bathrooms and laundry too.


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