Mac and cheese

26 Dec

I know it’s Christmas time and depending where you are the thought of turning on the oven makes your hair frizzle but I had to tell you about this awesome recipe.  I recently purchased the Thermomix Vegetarian recipe book, no I’m not a veggo but it has a lot of great recipes, some vegan some not.  Plus they are mostly very healthy with things like chia and quinoa.    The mac and cheese is probably not any of those things BUT it’s got to be healthier than the ole Kraft box that you buy at the supermarket.


Folks it was delicious.  As you can see we both had two large helpings each.  You cook the sauce and pasta together in the TM then throw it in a dish with the grated cheese and bake.  Hooley dooley it is divine, rich and creamy.  If you’ve got the book – look up this recipe, if you were contemplating buying it – do so, it’s a fantastic recipe book chock full of yum.

By the way I am not a Thermomix consultant nor have I been paid to write this post.  It is simply my opinion and me sharing what I’m doing in the kitchen.


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