To do list

13 Mar

Does anyone else write a to do list every morning whilst sipping coffee and pondering the day ahead? My memory isn’t the most reliable so I’m always writing notes and lists, mainly on scraps of paper which then accumulate in various spots around the house. Bits of paper drive me nuts so I decided to make a little notebook purely dedicated to my daily to do list.

The inside is simply used computer paper flipped over so I can write on the back. The bonus of this is that I’ve always got a nice surface to use – no “writing” on the back. Heavy Kraft coloured card stock for the covers and I used some left over bits and pieces to decorate (with plenty of distress ink stamping to boot). I’ll be adding more scrap paper to fill up the rings later on. I like the idea that I can look back at previous to do’s and see what I’ve achieved (or not)!
I actually started this mini project to get my creativity flowing again and feel inspired to make some more items for my shop – and it worked too. I’m currently working on some tag sets, the first one has a definite Parisian feel. Can’t wait to share them with you.


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