Archival Resist ~ technique tip

16 Apr

I did promise in my creative chemistry post that I would share a tip that I sort of stumbled across whilst trying the archival resist technique. The instructions for the technique says to use Archival Ink of which I only have the jet black as at the time of doing the class I couldn’t justify buying more ink pads when I already had so many from my Kaszazz days. Not knowing exactly what sort of inks I could substitute with, I grabbed the Ancient Page and Vivid ink pads out hoping they would be similar to the Ranger Archival Ink.

The technique calls for your brightest hues to be used as they need to stand out against the Distress Ink that goes over the top. (*Forgive me for not revealing the whole technique as I would be breaching class etiquette, as previously mentioned you can still purchase the class, and I can highly recommend it!) Okay, so I tried the Ancient Page in as bright a shade I could find but it didn’t really show up under/through the Distress Ink – alas it did not Resist! Next up was the Vivid ink – I’m not sure if you can still buy this ink or not?


Wowee it worked a treat. As you can see in the previous post here and the photo below, the colours really pop.

So for anyone out there with languishing Vivid ink pads you need to get onto this technique. I’m really happy as I was steeling myself for disappointment at not being able to try this technique but now I will be getting a lot of use out of my Vivid inks…, did I have any re-inkers for those pads hmmmmmm.

Here’s a second alcohol ink agates tag just for fun. This was another of my new fave techniques.


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