Atlas ~ Map Cards

13 Jun

A while ago when my SIL came to visit and get scrappy with me, I whipped up these quick cards made from pages of an old atlas.


I had heaps of this (very) bright blue cardstock that I wanted to use up and the atlas pages just seemed like a perfect match.  At first I just aged the patterned papers by scrunching, folding, edge distressing and ink distressing.  I thought I was done as I wanted fast and simple (aka quick and dirty?) but the longer they sat on my craft desk I just knew they weren’t quite finished.

So I combed through my stamps and rub-ons to add that certain something that was lacking.  I decided to still keep it simple and stick with 2 main colours of ink; red and black, which ties in nicely in the atlas paper.


Now I am totally in lurrrve with these cards, so much so it’s hard to pick a favorite.  From blah to brilliant, I love it when things work out!

I’m going to put these cards in the shop very shortly with some extras I haven’t shown here.


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