Pretty Embossing

16 Jun

A very long time ago, before I had my very own Cuttlebug, some friends came to stay and play and I made a whole heap of embossed cardstock using their machine.  Well it’s kind of embarrassing to admit that those pieces of cardstock have been sitting in my little card box for umm maybe two years…or more!  Anyway the other day I said to myself enough is enough and I got happy pinning dry embossed inspiration on Pinterest.  Like this…

from scrapbooking technique…and this

from Our Little Inspirations.

Aren’t they both lovely and different?  There was so much gorgeousness on Pinterest my eyes just about went googly.  So, full of inspiration, I toddled off and started using those bits of embossed cardstock and these are what I came up with…


I love the simplicity of the all white design.  I’ve never done a monochromatic card before – is that the right term when it’s all white or doesn’t white count as it’s not really a colour?  Let’s not get started on that debate ha ha.  I was worried it was going to look awful, especially when I realised the whites were all er, different whites.  So now I’m totally into this style of card making, it’s just so elegant.


These others are quite lovely too, it’s such a pity I am at the end of my pastel cardstock and Kaszazz not longer sell those packs.  Typical huh?  Just goes to show you should not hoard your supplies!

DSC04678I’ve made a few others that I’ll be putting in my shop if you want a gander at them too.


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