Craft Organisation ~ Stamps

14 Aug

Continuing with my theme of decluttering and organising I thought I’d show you how I store my stamps, rubber, clear, mounted, unmounted or otherwise.  Not long ago I went through all my stamps and got rid of (gasp – shock) some that I didn’t use or didn’t like.  I had a lot of stamps from when I used to be a Kaszazz consultant, some that I’d bought that were needed for workshops etc but I wasn’t really all that fond of.  So off they went to ebay and I gained a bit of spare cash for future craft purchases.  So I’ve already decluttered my stamps and this is how I store them…


This is how I store my unmounted rubber stamps, they are just lever arch folders that you get just about anywhere that sells stationery.  I have pencilled in the spine with my categories which I recently changed so if they work ok I will make them more permanent.  Some of my groupings are as follows:

  • insects & birds – animals – flowers – leaves – trees – vines – foodstuffs – drinks
  • hearts – timepieces – collage – decorative – solids & symbols – large backgrounds
  • numbers – days – months – alphas – mothers day – easter – christmas
  • journaling lines – sentiments – ATC words

I’ve grouped the stamps as to how I think I will use them, putting similar stamps together so when I am creating but don’t know exactly what kind of stamp I want I can just go to that grouping and see what catches my eye.  Does that make sense?  How you organise your stamps will depend on how YOU use them.  Perhaps you work in strict styles so you may put all your distress style stamps together which might mean having say for example, flowers in a few different places/catergories rather than all together.  You just need to try a few things out to see what is easiest for you when you are creating.


Inside the folders I have clear plastic document wallets that I hole punched.


And inside the wallets I have laminated sheets.  The unmounted stamps cling to the laminate although very occasionally little stamps fall off (see the bird and owl in previous pic) but that’s ok because they are in the clear wallet so they can’t get out and become lost.  Now and then the back of the stamps or the sheets get a wipe clean with a minimally damp cloth and that seems to help them stick again.


I have some A5 sized binders that I store my clear stamps in.


I’ve decorated the outside of the folder but inside it’s a bit um, unpolished I guess is the word.   I think I’ll need to work on that…pinterest here I come.


All my rollergraph wheels (which I often forget to use) have custom made storage thanks to stampin up.  These holders are clear so you can see everything quite easily.  If you are wondering where the handles are they are in a box like the ones below that house some of my inks.  If you decide to buy some rollergraph wheels don’t throw out the printed covers like I did, it’s much easier to see what stamp is what if you keep the cover around the wheel.  I just stamped out the image on card stock and cut it out but I would have prefered the covers that came with them.  I can’t remember the price for this storage and I’m not sure if they still sell them, I tried to find them on the interwebs to no avail.

I did find this funky contraption from qcpapercrafts which looks pretty awesome and I’ll bet you wouldn’t forget to use them when stored like this.


My rollergraph wheels sit next to my boxes of wood mount stamps (they stack perfectly).


I have a box for stampin up sets, there’s not many because I have been very restrained even though I love so many of their stamps, and a box for other odd wood mount stamps including some cute alpha’s.

So that’s my fairly simple stamp storage.  I am pretty happy with how everything is set out although I need to improve the clear stamps folder and I’d like to use my rollergraphs more as I do think they are wonderful tools.  Perhaps I’ll start working in themes and put like with like in a temporary tray on my desk?  If anyone has suggestions for this please let me know!


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