I’m Baaack….to blogging!

26 Oct

Hello Folks

Great to see you again – if there’s anyone still out there, tee hee.  My sincere apologies to any loyal readers that I have neglected, I won’t blame you if you gave up waiting for me to post.  I thought I could run a facebook page for my craft however not having a personal account did not agree with FB and it was fraught with issues.  After much frustration I have decided to give that the flick..and head back here to try and resurrect this blog.


Previously I had decided to only do craft or my craft business related posts here but you know what?  The hell with it! This is my blog, that’s my name up there and I’m going to write whatever the heck I feel like.  Hmm this should be interesting.

So I guess a quick update is in order then you say?  Okey dokey.  At this point in time I am currently working 3 casual jobs, logging in approx. 30 hours a week.  So what? I hear you say, well for me that’s a fair bit.  I’ve been a part time worker for many years – it’s just how I roll baby!  I love being at home, being a little traditional in the household department and for my mental health I am so much better when I don’t work full time.  And what about the money?  Well I’m not rich but I make it work for me, I’m careful with my money, I have a pardner who works full time and contributes accordingly and the trade off is that I do do those things around the house.  It just works for us.  Any way previously I’ve been permanent part time so changing to casual was very scary, I may do a post exploring this.  Over the past year there’s been many ups and downs but I think things are finally settling into place {thank goodness}.


For me, working 30 hours and doing all the housey stuff doesn’t leave much time for craftyness, either that or I’m just too tired.  I take my hat off to all you workers and mothers and dads etc that do everything – you are amazing!  So we will just see what happens with this blog and take it day by day.  I’d love to commit to a certain number of posts per week but in the past I have always failed that miserably so I’m too chicken to go it again.

I might leave it at that for now and let’s see what happens next…I’m kinda excited to have free reign on my blog, yipee!

Happy Trails



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