Penpal and Correspondence Organization

19 Jan

Howdy lovely folks!

Today I’m going to share a little folder I made to help me stay organised with my correspondence to friends.  Recently I got back into penpalling thanks to looking at all the lovely mail going on at Instagram.  Have you checked it out?  Look under the hashtags #snailmail #penpals #happymail and so on and you’ll find a plethora of creative arty envelopes and mailings.  It’s very inspiring.  So I have about 10 penpals including my best friend, this is new for us and I’m quite excited as she lives 4 and a half hours away so we usually chat via text messages.  Later on I’d also like to write to my niece and my god daughter as I think it would be fun and exciting for them to receive some good old snail mail.

20140111-165409.jpgSo with getting to know all these wonderful new people in my life I thought it would be nice to keep a bit of a record on each of them, just with some basic info like birthdays, children or partners names, pets etc as well as likes and dislikes.  This way if I forget, say, what their fave colour is I can go straight to their little profile and check rather than trying to find it in goodness knows how many letters they might have sent me.


I just think this is a super cool way to keep track of lots of penpals or if like me if you have a cruddy memory and forget these sorts of things.  I just made it on a spreadsheet (my fave way to do things) and tried to think about what the important info is that I need handy.  I have a bunch of A5 binders for some reason, so I made my forms so that I can fold them in half and slot them into a plastic pocket in the folder.


I also wanted a way to make sure I replied in a timely manner.  I try to reply straight away but sometimes life gets in the way and before you know it it’s been three weeks and you still have written back.  So I made some columns to fill in when I received my penpal’s letter and when I sent one back.  As soon as I get a letter and read it I pop the letter in the front of the pocket for that person and write the date received in the back, then when I get a chance to do some correspondence writing I just grab my folder and start writing to the person who’s letter has been there the longest.  I’ll also pop small things in the front pocket ready to send with my next letter like stickers, tea sachets, stationary and so on.

I’ve only been using this system a few weeks so time will tell if anything needs tweaking, but it’s been really fabulous so far.  I’m getting my letters sent out in a timely manner, I know who’s birthday it is and I can collect little odds and ends relevant to my penpal’s likes and dislikes.


2 Responses to “Penpal and Correspondence Organization”

  1. orianahh January 21, 2014 at 4:50 am #

    Reblogged this on Oriana's Postal Network & Blog and commented:
    I recommend putting together a folder if you have many correspondences to keep up with.

  2. Jane Told Me January 21, 2014 at 8:13 am #

    Looks like a GREAT idea!

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