Lovely Letters

27 Feb

Hello World!

Lately I have been writing my little heart out – yes snail mail is in people.  And it’s back for good too.  After receiving so many nice letters from my new friend Jayne I decided to place a little ad on Instagram seeking penpals.  I had a great response and have started building new friendships.  If you haven’t seen all the superb snail mail on IG you must go check them out, search for #penpals #snailmail #happymail and so on.  Some of the letters are simply stunning.  Anyway I thought I’d share some of the nice mail I have been receiving, if you want more follow me on IG – I’m easy to find just look for krismakes.20140227-191307.jpg

I was very spoilt by my generous friend Jayne at Christmas, look at all the pressies she sent me.  Don’t worry I spoilt her right back with a Happy New Year package.

Chantelle is one of my new penpals and we have a lot of common interests like Thermomixing and healthy eating.  Love that baby doll bookmark.

Here’s more awesome mail from Jayne, you should hear me squeel when I see mail from her in my letterbox.  Mind you it’s not just about the goodies she includes – she writes the best letters and I feel like we’ve been friends all my life.

20140227-191821.jpgAnd this is a recent letter I sent to Jayne.  It’s so much fun finding all the cute bits and bobs to send with the letter.

So do you write letters to anyone?


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