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No More Christmas Card Guilt – Send A New Years Card

30 Dec

Have you ever been caught out at Christmas, receiving a card from someone you didn’t have on your Christmas card list?  It’s happened to me a few times over the years and boy does it give you a guilt trip (if you’re so inclined – unfortunately  I am!)  So you know the solution right?  Send a New Years card!  This is a fantastic little trick and the great part is you don’t have to make sure it’s going to arrive before New Years like you do with Christmas cards, as long as it get’s there in the first two weeks of the New Year then I think that’s perfectly acceptable.

Photo 30-12-2014 3 37 59 pm

But hang on a second, don’t go rushing to the shops to spend money on New Years cards – make your own!  The recipient will totally forget that you didn’t send them a Christmas card once they have your gorgeous, handmade News Years card in their hot little hands.  The added bonus is it’s a great way to get your mojo going again after the frazzle and stress of Christmas.  If you have little ones be sure to get them in on the act…can’t you just hear your relatives ooohing and ahhhing over their cute hand drawn cards?

Photo 30-12-2014 3 36 33 pm

Unfortunately I don’t have any little helpers so the creativity is all down to me.  I’ve made a variety of cards to show you that you don’t really even need any New Year specific stamps, just think of all the wonderful things you associate with it and raid your stamp folders.  Think fancy drinks, sparkly things, clocks, stars, balloons, party hats, flowers, just about anything will do.  If you’ve got a set of numerical stamps even better – you can use them every year.

Photo 30-12-2014 3 35 42 pm

I think nice bright party colour card bases work well and don’t forget that special New Years sparkle, a bit of sticky bling or iridescent heat embossing will add some extra wow.

Photo 30-12-2014 3 36 11 pm


And you don’t have to spend all day (or all week) making your cards.  I’ve kept mine pretty simple as you can see but they are still very effective and with a lovely message inside wishing your friends and family a wonderful 2015 these New Years cards are the perfect solution to a holiday guilt trip.  So spill the beans, who did you forget to send a Christmas card to this year?

Photo 30-12-2014 3 37 33 pm


krismakes Zibbet shop

30 Dec

Want to buy some handmade goodness from krismakes? Now you can, simply head to my Zibbet shop krismakes, make yourself a cuppa and settle in for some fun online retail therapy!

Right now you can choose from handmade cards and button badges and soon I will be adding button flairs, stationary and envelopes, bags and lots more so be sure to stop by the blog regularly to find out about the latest product releases.




finishing things off

24 Mar

Whilst decluttering my craft stuff a while ago I came across several unfinished projects – shock – horror – gasp – namely a few scrapbook albums that I had started in earnest then just forgot about or more likely found something newer and more exciting to make! So I pulled a few out of the stack and got stuck in.


So far I’ve finished a mini family album to about 95%, just need to print out two more photos and I’m 70% done on my school album. Here’s a peek at both…



This album is far from glamorous or fully embellished but I’m happy that it’s practically done and that’s what matters (to me anyway). It’s nice to have something to pick up and flick through.


And here’s a lovely photo of a very cute girl…me!


who then went through a thoroughly dorky stage…


Did you have any wild hair styles when you were a young teenager? I really did think I looked fabulous. Erh-hem.

The Heart Tag Swap

20 Mar

I’ve been having some fun of Swap-bot lately and I wanted to share an art tag I made for a heart theme tag swap for one of the Aussie groups I’m in.


I love making tags, they are just the right size that you can let your artist flair loose without being overwhelmed by a big blank canvas or page – which happens a lot to me.  Genius idea using tags, thanks Tim Holtz.  I used distress inks, rub-ons, stamping, pen, paint dabbers, chipboard, crackle paint and glossy accents and I’m so happy with how it turned out.


Here’s a close up of the heart chipboard I made.  I inked it with Fired Brick distress ink first then covered it in Rock Candy distress crackle paint.  Once it was thoroughly dry and super crackled I rubbed some Black Soot distress ink over the top and really squished it into the cracks to bring out the contrast with the red.  It’s such an awesome technique that needs very little skill to achieve great results.


I made some fat polka dots with Copper paint dabber – I love the metallic paint dabbers, the never seem to dry out and add so much interest to whatever you’re working on.  The pearl one is a favorite of mine!

20140227-200305.jpgI like to put a little extra in my swaps so I well and truly got stuck into the heart theme.  I think my swap partner appreciated it as she gave me a 5 (top rating) plus a heart, yay.

Do you part take in any art or craft swaps?


Handmade Postcards

27 Feb

Lately I have been going postal – in a good snailmaily kind of way! Where I live there’s not a lot of places you can find nice postcards, you know the arty, cool kind not the tourist kind.  So I decided to make my own, oh yes I did.


I tried searching on line for some ideas and instructions but came up pretty empty handed except for pradaforbreakfast ‘s great post about how to make your own.


I basically winged it most of the time but you know what’s good about being creative like that?  You have fun and often end up with a host of new ideas or techniques to stash in your head for later.  You can really go to town when making your own postcards, I can’t draw or paint so I stuck to what I know – collage, stamping, stickers and other papery goodness.

20140227-195206.jpgI think next time I will try a bit less glue (homemade mod podge) or a different type as the postcards did curl a little too much for my liking when they dried.  I coated the fronts when they were finished as I wanted them to travel safe and sound to their destination.  Anyway it was a lot of fun and you can bet I’ll be making more postcards very soon.

Have you made your own postcards?  Do you have links to handmade postcards?  I’d love to see more, Pinterest wasn’t very forthcoming when I tried looking for inspiration!


Happy New Year

10 Jan

Welcome to krismakes 2014!

Change is in the air – can you feel it? Last year was a bit all over the place (for me anyway) so my intentions for 2014 are to SIMPLIFY. I think this will be a popular goal for many people this year. There is a lot going on out there in blogland about people wanting to change their lives for the better, slow down, get back to basics, and I for one, love it …so let’s go!

Do you have a word for 2014? Many creative types have taken on this yearly ritual of selecting a word that they want to use in their year through everything they do. I think this lady started the trend, but it’s actually a nice trend to follow I think. I’ve not really had a word for the year before, I’ve certainly thought about it but not been able to pin down the perfect word. Is there a perfect word? Probably not, so I should just pick one and not succumb to my inevitable analysis paralysis. This year I will pick one word. I want to keep to my theme of simplifying, being deliberate, committed and intentional. I feel I need to think on this a little bit longer, not too much longer I promise.

This year I want to create a little something everyday and I’m hoping to use my new journal to make it happen. This is the Iconic Journal, they make all sorts of lovely booky things. I just found it on ebay after countless hours searching and deciding.


This journal or diary if you will is fairly plain which I thought would be good to start with and put my own stamp on it, pardon the pun. It has lovely smooth pages and plenty of room on each day as well as a large section at the bottom of the page for notes and what-not.


There’s also a whopping 26 blank pages at the back to play with.


Am I going to have enough bits and bobs to fill in this journal? Oh I forgot to mention it starts in November 2013 and I only got it last week so um yeah, more pages to fill up! I decided with the November month view to use the wee little squares as doodling squares. I can’t remember how big a Zentangle is but I’m sure these are smaller which is good for me – less pressure ha ha. I’m not very good at the freehand stuff, I feel much safer with a rubber stamp in my hand so this will be a good challenge for me.


That’s what I’ve done so far. The pens I ordered are so fine, I’ve never used any like these before and I didn’t think I’d like them but I can write really teeny tiny now and the ink does not bleed through the pages at all either. I’ll keep taking photo’s of my 2014 journal as I go. You may have noticed some of these pics on Instagram already but I wanted to put words to them and explain a bit more about my intentions. After discovering the filofax mania I’m already thinking about one of those but not until next year…simple remember?

See you next week


Button Badges Back In Store

24 Nov

Just in time for Christmas I’m loading some more of my funky badges into my krismakes madeit shop.  Depending on where you live you might call these buttons, badges, pin-backs or brooches but they are all an awesome way to decorate your wardrobe.  Keep an eye out for future posts where I will show you the different ways I like to wear my badges.

I make my badges from old books and comics that were damaged and destined for the dump.  I look for images that are still in good condition and will fit on the badge with the best part of the image showing – you have to be careful because the badge maker machine “wraps” the image around the badge blank so if you’re not paying close attention you might loose the best bit.  I use a circle paper punch to cut my image after I have carefully removed the whole page from the book.

I also make some lovely fabric badges too.  I try to get really nice patterns and florals for these in fun colours.  For the fabric badges I have to hand cut the circle out as the punch only works on paper.  I think the fabric badges look particularly nice on a plain coloured t-shirt – they really pop.

So badges will cover all your gift giving needs this xmas.  I’ve got badges for him…


badges for her…


and badges for the little ones…


krismakes badges come packaged on a kraft coloured tag with twill ribbon ready for giving.  They are really lightweight so are a great pressie to pop in the post especially for overseas as they will fit into a standard envelope making the postage not much more than a letter.  Perhaps you are an avid swapper like me on swap-bot or similar?  Badges cater to so many tastes you really can’t go wrong.  I am more than happy to post to an alternative address and include a little note with your details for your swap partner – just make sure to provide the details in the notes to seller section.

Keep checking the shop as I’ve got more badges to upload as well as some other goodies 😉

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