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new directions in 2015 and the truth about blogging

3 Jan


Hello all and Happy New Year to you!  A brand spanking new year is an amazing gift isn’t it?  A huge blank slate.  A time to plan, to start over, and to dream of all the wonderful things you can accomplish this year.

Photo 1-01-2015 6 02 29 pm

I have been thinking a lot in the past six months about this blog, whether to continue doing it, feeling guilty about not posting frequently enough, toying with the idea of creating other blogs for other topics, wondering if anyone still reads this one?

If you’ve been here before you’ll know that my blog is predominantly a craft blog with a few wee sprinkles of other parts of my life.  I’ve read a lot of blog tips and advice and one major point has always been to find your niche and stick to it like glue.  I always thought crafts, particular paper crafts was my niche and my passion but honestly I have many passions and I really want to share them with anyone who will listen (or read them).

So I have made the executive decision to write about all my passions right here on this single blog.  The truth about blogging is that you are the owner of your blog, it’s yours, you are in controland you have absolute power.  I like the sound of that.  It really comes down to this – if I want to write about plucking my eyebrows then I can and will, even though it’s not craft related (or it could be if I plucked them into a pretty pattern I suppose).  In life there is always going to lots of advice around about anything and everything but in the end you need to go with your gut or your heart or whichever body part you wish.  This to ME feels like the right thing.

Yes my dear friends there will be a shift of focus in 2015, but don’t worry I still intend on posting lots of crafty goodness, after all it is a rather large passion of mine!

Wondering what to expect from now on?  Here’s a list of some of the topics I’d like to talk about in 2015…





Finance and Saving Money


Gardening (or my poor attempts at it)


Careers/Early Retirement

Arts and Crafts



It’s a pretty big list I know but I’m hoping there will be enough variety for everyone.  Are you planning any big changes in 2015?  Which direction are you going in?  I’d love to hear about it and if you’re a fellow blogger please leave a comment so I can come visit!



Mint Julep rival and school theme scrapping

23 Sep

Hello dear friends

I thought I’d better do a little update in case you were wondering where the heck I disapeared to hee hee!  I’ve mostly just been buzzing around doing a bit of this and a bit of that but with nothing really major to report at this point!

I did make my own cordial which was the best tasting cordial second only to this lovely tipple0mintjulep

And it was so easy that I have vowed to never buy shop cordial again!  I’m going to try and imitate the mint julep because the taste is just amazing.  I got the recipe from recipezaar and just halved it as one commenter suggested.


Isn’t it the most divine colour?  And talk about fresh – you could almost drink it straight!  Apart from buying the tartaric and citric acids (easy to find in the baking section of supermarket) you may well have all you need already at home.  Do try this if you’re a cordial drinker, you won’t be disapointed.  Next on the to-do list will be a berry cordial, yummo!  If anyone else has been making their own cordials I’d love to hear about it – leave a comment below!

In the foodie arena I also made Swiss Bircher Muesli which turns out to be one of the best breakkie’s ever.  So zingy and fresh; I’m eating it almost every morning now.  Is anyone else a fan of the bircher?  And my daily fruit intake has gone from zero to 2+ which is surely commendable?  Woo hoo for a healthy life style.  Now if I can just keep up the dvd workouts I’ll be happy lol.

Craft wise things have been a little slower.  I did purchase two sewing project kits; a little monkey softie and a cushion thingie.  They are complete kits though with fabric, cotton, instructions etc so I should be able to manage them ok.  And they came in the most adorable little cases – don’t you think?


I finally got to make and teach this workshop by Naomi Elliot.  Love these cards so much especially as they are easy as pie to whip up.  They use the distress inks and ink blending tool.


I’ve been working on a few workshop submissions but haven’t really had enough time to sit down and really get stuck into them.  Also my blog war challenges have fallen by the wayside – will try to rectify this shortly.  Here’s a couple of things I’ve squeezed in lately.




I have been enjoying training and spending time creating with my new recruit Lynda.  It’s so much fun to have someone to play with.  We are going to start a regular get together with my upline Deanne to make up more workshop samples.  Crafting is great when you can combine it with a coffee and a chat!

I had a good clean of the house on the weekend, sort of a lead up to the big SPRING CLEAN that needs to be done.  And James has headed back into the garden now we have a brand spanking new whipper snipper, so the yard is starting to look normal once again.  The nicer weather really helps spur you on especially seeing all the spring blossoms.  Have you been out in the garden lately?  What have you been planting, flowers, veggies?  I’d love to know.

So that’s a fair round up what I’ve been doing instead of blogging he hee!  I will endeavor to not leave it so long between posts this time.



PS Kaszazz have had a new release of gorgeous products including school theme papers and stamps, plus distress embossing powder, new smooch colours and more design adhesives!  Check them all out on line here (click on SEP 09) or email me to organise a new flyer sent straight to your door for just $2.00 (AUS ONLY) krismarr(at)iprimus(dot)com(dot)au

Here’s some pics of two workshops from National Training using the new products…




random bits

14 Feb
  • Many of you would know we have been ravaged by fires here in Victoria and the death toll is high.  Fortunately my family and friends have not been affected so I am very gratefull for that.
  • There’s also been big floods up north.
  • Before the fires we were suffering a two week long heat wave.  I have never experienced anything like that in my life.  It was horrible not being able to cool down for so many days in a row.  It was especially hard on the puppies.
  • as a result of said heatwave the banner picture of my pretty little flowers is all that’s left of them!  Yes they totally frizzled up even with lots of water.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, I hope you are all able to spend some time today with those you love.  James and I use Valentine’s as our official anniversay date – it’s a little early but so close it doesn’t matter.  Three years has flown by.
  • I made a chocolate ripple cake aka zebra cake for our anniversary dinner tonight.  I know my mum used to make them now and then but I don’t recall ever making one myself.  They are so easy it’s stupid.  If you have kids this would be a great cake to make with them as everything is cold; I can imagine it may make quite a mess though.
  • I have had my 3 Make and Take submissions accepted so a sneak peek might be in order.  As yet they haven’t been published on the Kaszazz website so I’m hesitant to reveal all – I must clear this up one day.
  • On March the 1st which is a Sunday there will be a massive fund raising crop day (in Shepparton) for the fire victims appeal.  We will be running workshops, giving things away, drawing prizes and all proceeds will go to the appeal.  You can also just come along and bring all your own projects to work on too; we will have a special area set up just for this.  Email or leave a comment if you’d like more info.
  • I need a gardener.  Our lawns look like a jungle and there’s weeds all over the place!   Our mower broke and we no longer have a whipper snipper so things are looking crazy.
  • I have a winner for the challenge competition – I will put a special post up shortly.
  • I think that’s everything out the top of my head right now.

Thanks for tunning in


happy dayz

18 Dec

Wow yesterday I felt like Ireally acheived a lot.  I had my 2H workshop tested with positive results and very little changes to fix up.  I made two male versions of the workshop to give as Christmas gifts.  Unpacked my last order; which includes a lot of goodies to make the sample for the Kyabram workshops.  Cleaned the house and watched Into The Wild from my Quickflix FREE trial account.  Ihad one of those email offers pop up in my inbox for a free one month trial with 8 movies and I thought it would be a good idea to take it up over the holiday season, save me going to the video store.

I’m hoping to make the changes to my workshop submission and send it off this week.  My testers really loved it so I’m hoping Kaszazz will accept it.  I tried to use products that have been forgotten about like the Perfect Medium Pens which are so much fun to use.  They are suitable for embossing, dry chalking, watermarking, Perfect Pearls and much more.  The best thing about them is you can draw or write whatever you want if you don’t have the appropriate stamp to use on your project; so versatile!  They are only $15.95 for two pens; one is a bullet tip and one a brush tip, you can find them on page 63 of the Kaszazz Catalogue and Project Book or right here.  This is my first submission of a 2H Workshop so I’m a bit nervous.  I’ll let you know how I go…

Plans include wrapping presents, making the plum pudding in the slow cooker (a first for me), attempting to tidy the garden and writing my last minute grocery list.  So nothing overly strenuous.  I got some scrapbooking books from the library the other day so I might have a flick through them on the weekend too.

My 12 Days of Christmas project is going well, have remembered to take photo’s each day and write notes.  I’ve decided to make the the album later once I’ve finished my gathering.  I’m also going to start a project from Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It’s called Glimpses and will be all about moi, me, myself.  It’s one of their free Projects Now; they have quite a few of them and also some very cheap classes too.  I’m not up to signing up for one of the big classes just yet so I thought I’d ease my way in first.  I’ve never done anything like this so it will be interesting to see how it goes.  I’ve printed out the worksheet and will start filling them in this week, I think it will be a very insightful look at myself and I may even learn somethings about me I didn’t know or realise.  Can’t wait.

All the Christmas present shopping is done so now I can focus on my scrapping projects, yipeee!  I plan to sort out my digital photo’s at some point too, I’ve borrowed a book on Photoshop Elements to help me find my way around the program so I hope to learn some tips and tricks as I’m just floundering around at the moment.

chat soon


I’m back

16 Oct

Feels like it’s been forever, when it’s really only been a week!  Time flies in blog land.  Unfortunately this will be brief but as always there is a promise of more later – for sure.

So the weekend away was just fabulous.  Had so much fun with a lovely bunch of ladies – all Kaszazz consultants.  We made the new Distress Ebony and Ivory Crackle Journal – all in different colours mind you and they all looked great.  Then we mostly worked on our own projects, in between eating, drinking, laughing, and sleeping.  If anyone is looking for a place to go with a group of friends to do crafty stuff head to Heathcote Country Lodge, the owner Faye is so accomodating.  She cooked all our meals and I think I put on 10 kilos!  There was Lemon Merangue Pie and Apple Pie and roast lamb, mmmmm.  We had a great big room to do our scrapping in and we could just leave it all there while we toddled off to bed.  It was twin share accomodation from Friday arvo to Sunday arvo with all meals in between for just $200 each (that’s based on 6 people) – an absolute bargain in my book.  We have already booked in for next year!

I was able to finish a few projects which I will show you soon.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment, yay for me.

In other news the backyard is starting to resemble a backyard again instead of the local tip.  James has been moving stuff all week and we’re going to have a backyard blitz on Sunday.  It will be so nice to be able to sit out near the pond and have a bbq again.  Problem is the outdoor furniture has taken a beating so I’ll have to look around for a new set of table and chairs – hard to do on a budget when the second hand furniture stores seem to have all dissapeard – what is with that anyway?

Work to do but I’ll be back soon


October Workshops and the garden

18 Sep

Ok I’m putting up the dates for my October workshops, head over to the right side and click Oct 08 to see them.  I’m kicking off the month with a huge Christmas Card Spectacular on the 4th with 2 card workshops and a bbq lunch to keep you going.  I’m really looking forward to it, should be a fun day.  Other workshops for the month include Surprise Boxes (by special request) and the Magic Stamp Jeans Layout which I can’t wait to have a go at.  I’m also planning a little treat for Halloween (pardon the pun!).  Yes I’ve always wanted to partake in this celebration so this year it’s actually going to happen.

I just made some apricot and sultana bikkies from the May Superfood Ideas and I can tell you that they are yum.  And very easy to make – which I love, I’ve gotten slack in my old (33) age.  The boys are out in the shed getting ready for Winton this weekend and the Performance Car Mania event.  James decided at the last minute to enter so earlier this week they did an engine swap and are now busting their chops to get it ready in time.  I think they thrive on this kind of last minute mayhem!

Here’s my front garden after the massive clean up.


lots of palms (with nasty spikes)

on the right above where the pot is is the window to my scrap studio, as you can see it gets great light but in summer it’s sooooooo hot.  Last year we put up external shade doovers and they seemed to make a big difference but I don’t know if it’s enough to keep my photo’s safe and cool.

now I can’t take credit for this front corner – James and Chris weeded and mulched all of this a few days before Shae and I got cracking, thanks lads!  The palm on the left is my fave because it’s the least nasty one.  Poor Shae copped a lot of stings and pricks from those other plants but she was a real trooper and just kept truckin’.  Thanks for all your help Shae.  As a gardener I need someone there encouraging me (busting my hump) along the way otherwise I get nothing done.

Mum’s coming to stay tomorrow so I hope she’s pleased with our gardening efforts.  She is a real green thumb – something I didn’t really inherit at all.  Tomorrow night we are doing our Gelati Tags workshop and ta da here is mine…

pretty groovy huh?  They are double sided so on the back you can write little things about yourself like your friends, fave things etc.  I decided I’m going to make another one for a friends birthday, she is having a girls night out on Saturday.  Been a while since I went to one of them.  Next week is my sis in laws 21st birthday and I’m afraid I haven’t thought of anything to get her yet…she has a lot of stuff…so I need to figure it out quick smart.

Aiight off to beddie byes, am bushed even though I had a cat nap this arvo.  Have been feeling a little off lately, you know not myself, hopefully it passes.

Cheerio folks


ps I’ve made the executive decision not to spell check my posts anymore as it just adds to the time it takes me to get them up so I’ll do my best but you may have to put up with the odd word or seven spelt wrong!

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