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Christmas cards in black

28 Nov

My sister in law and niece visited on the weekend and we decided to start making our Christmas cards – seeing as there’s only 27 sleeps to go. Yikes!
We copied an old workshop I had but Katherine came up with the idea of using black base cards. I think they look great and the black makes the colored chalk ink really pop. And she says she’s not creative!


UPDATE:: here’s a link to the inspiration cards in kraft coloured card.


more Christmas cards…

2 Dec

Continuing on from my post last week here is some more last minute inspiration for you…

This is Kaszazz workshop 2H491.  I love the use of pink and green and you know I am fond of polka dots!  I was thinking these could be adapted for any occasion by swaping the Christmas tree stamp with something more generic.  Aren’t they lovely?

These ones below are workshop 2H425 and I think they are perfect for a modern Christmas.  Fluid chalks are used to give that lovely bright yet soft effect.

From the scraps I quickly whipped up two extra cards, so this is a great value workshop.

So what are your thoughts on these contemporary Christmas cards?  Are you more the tradition type?  Share your thoughts and links with us in the comments section.

Ho ho ho

Kris xox

Blog War ATC’s }1

31 Aug

Hello there friends, this week the challenge is Father’s Day themed ATC’s (artist trading cards) however I am going to be a little different and not confine myself to a theme.  ATC’s are so much fun to make they are like little baby artworks and you can pretty much do whatever you want with them.  Recently Kaszazz has gotten in on this gig by bringing out an ATC stamp set.  I was lucky enough to get mine free and I love the variety of words and sayings on it.  I also use many of the stamps on cards too.


Here’s two Ebony and Ivory styled atc’s.  The great thing about these is that you can use them to adorn cards too, just check out Naomi Elliots gorgeous asian inspired creations using clear atc’s on cards, just brilliant!  And don’t forget to check out what the other blog war gals are up to!



Blog Wars Fluid Chalk }1

30 Aug

Happy Sunday everyone!  It is a gloriously sunny day here though still a bit fresh outside.  I’m thinking it might be a good day to get back into the gardening, it’s the kind of day that makes you want to run out to the garden center and buy a bunch of punnets to plant up!

And I know it’s late but going with the lovely spring theme I bring you my creation for the blog war challenge last week which was fluid chalk inks.  I use my fluid chalk ink all the time, there’s so many pretty colours and when you stamp with them they dry to a soft tone.


For this card I used the fluid chalks on white gloss card, the trick is that you let the ink dry then buff the card to bring back the shine to the stamped images.  It’s really a great effect.  I even made a little bookmark with the strip of gloss that I had to trim off, see you can use up every scrap when making cards!


I tried to get a close up of the shine off the gloss card, it’s really much better in person :o)  I like the way this card turned out, very fresh and spring timey!  And the new season officially starts in two more sleeps woo hoo.  I love seeing all the new growth on the plants and trees like the Manchurian Pear we planted approx. twelve months ago and I truly thought it was dead, well bowl me over it has white blossoms all over it!  Spring really is an amazing time of year, so get out there and enjoy it.



Blog Wars – metal embellishments } #2

4 Aug

Hope you’ve eased into the week without any hiccups!  This morning the cat decided I should be woken up at 6 o’clock, then again at 6.30 and 6.40.  Let’s just say I was not a happy chappy considering my alarm doesn’t go off until 7am!

Yesterday was a good day as I got my tax refund, yippee.  Alas it is going to be used to pay off the credit card so no shopping spree for moi.  What about you guys that were lucky to get money back, did you have to pay the bills with it or were you able to buy something special for yourself?  A few years ago before Gerty (my new car) my car rego and insurance would be due in September so I always used my tax money for that which was rather convenient!  But I am glad to be able to get a chunk of the credit card paid off, it’ll still need some work but this will definetely help.  Note to self:: do not put large purchases like a new computer on your credit card ha ha.


Now let’s move on to the crafty stuff.  Here’s my second project for the metal embellishment challenge…


I’m really happy with this creation.  I’ve seen a lot of punched hole cards in magazines and online but I always forget to try it out.  Just don’t look to closely at the spacing between the holes…ooops shouldn’t have mentioned that right?  I did it freehand which I don’t think was too bad but next time I’ll use the circle shape to pencil the curve in before punching. 

The green strip is actually white card coloured with lime pastel fluid chalk (such a gorgeous green) and the ribbon was white grosgrain coloured with pink pastel fluid chalk.  It’s a great example of utilising what you’ve got and making your own custom paper and ribbon.  A thrifty little idea!  This whole card was made from my scraps, not a single 12 x 12 was cut down hee hee. 

I recently bought a pack of the tropical spiral clips so I was happy to be able to use one on this card.  I actually attempted to paint the silver brad, alas the paint would not stick.  I think some fine grit sandpaper may help next time.

So what do you think?  Do you like it?  Do you use metal embellishments in your creations?  What’s your favorite?  Brads?  Eyelets?  Paper clips?  Turn mounts?  Let me know in the comments section.

’til next time


where has the week gone?

18 Sep

It’s Friday already and I’ve hardly written any blogs while on holiday, my bad.  So what was more important than posting…ummmm…well…honestly I don’t know where all my time went!

I have some photo’s from our Kaszazz training day

Here’s Sharynne’s arms guiding us through the first 5 Projects Quick card using the new papers from All Boy.  This card uses paint dabbers on acetate to make a semi see through card with a motorbike stamped on it – great for all those extreme sports boys.

and here are those arms again demonstrating one of the other cards in the 5PQ workshop using fluid chalk on gloss card and one of the new car stamps which I believe is a Holden Monaro?  I love this stamp and will HAVE to buy it because James is somewhat a car nut especially Holdens.  Just look at those brilliant colours in the Fluid Chalks aren’t they gorgeous?

and this is a new SB page workshop using the All Boy papers, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t like boys – this example shows how the papers can be easily adapted for a girl, ain’t she cute?  I love these papers, they are so bright, modern and versatile.

Ok last photo (for now) is this new 2H workshop layout using the new Ebony and Ivory range which you will fall head over heals for when you see it.  It’s simply stunning and I’m so happy about it I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

So you too can check out the new product release here.  Just scroll down to the new products flyer SEP08.  And for a gander at the new workshops go here for 2H (two hour worklshops) and here for 5PQ (five projects quick).  There are heaps and heaps of pretty and funky products to sort through, let me know what your fave is.  The two new paper ranges have matching stamp sets which are available cut to to the contours (very handy just jump straight in and get stamping) or uncut which lets you stamp them all together in one go or cut them out yourself to save on expense.  If you want to keep them whole there is a new jumbo size acrylic block to make it easy peasy.

For those of you who have been looking for journaling stamps we now have them available as part of a set or individually.  The car etc stamps I mentioned before include the Monaro (correct me if I’m wrong) an MG looking sports car, an old Rigley (?) and we also have a wicked bi-plane, train and motorcross rider on his bike.  Totally appropriate for the men (boys) in your life.

Now I’m off to do some research on mini misters and aqua brushes…and to take some photo’s of the front yard as I had to wait for the prunings to be hauled away.  I think that’s the worst part of gardening – cleaning up the pile of mess you have at the end of the day!

Back soon


PS credits go to Sharynne for all the examples above – thanks love :o)

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