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Handmade Postcards

27 Feb

Lately I have been going postal – in a good snailmaily kind of way! Where I live there’s not a lot of places you can find nice postcards, you know the arty, cool kind not the tourist kind.  So I decided to make my own, oh yes I did.


I tried searching on line for some ideas and instructions but came up pretty empty handed except for pradaforbreakfast ‘s great post about how to make your own.


I basically winged it most of the time but you know what’s good about being creative like that?  You have fun and often end up with a host of new ideas or techniques to stash in your head for later.  You can really go to town when making your own postcards, I can’t draw or paint so I stuck to what I know – collage, stamping, stickers and other papery goodness.

20140227-195206.jpgI think next time I will try a bit less glue (homemade mod podge) or a different type as the postcards did curl a little too much for my liking when they dried.  I coated the fronts when they were finished as I wanted them to travel safe and sound to their destination.  Anyway it was a lot of fun and you can bet I’ll be making more postcards very soon.

Have you made your own postcards?  Do you have links to handmade postcards?  I’d love to see more, Pinterest wasn’t very forthcoming when I tried looking for inspiration!


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