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just a quickie ;o)

10 Jan
  • I have added a page about my Kyabram workshops; see right column under pages.  If anyone has any questions at all please contact me.
  • Don’t forget to check out my monthly competition; see post below.
  • I don’t think I posted this photo of the completed Fun in the Sun Stand Up Page so here it is now…(it’s one of the workshops I’ll be teaching in Kyabram)


That’s me and my granma.  She used to sing that song “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” a lot when I was younger so when I was racking my brain for a title I thought that was quite appropriate.  The photo’s were taken when I was living in Brisbane and granma came to visit, that was a long time ago, 1994!

  • I finished the Happy Hang It (also one for Kyabram) and made a couple of quick and cute cards using some of the left overs…



As some of you know I was apprehensive about the Happy Hang It – I have previously made it with the Loverly range instead – but I think it came out great.  I tried not to have too much white base showing as I think it’s just way too much.  I could have changed it again but as it’s for Kyabram I needed to leave it as original as possible.  My babies look so cute don’t they?

  • ok now I’m off to work on more Kyabram stuff

Talk soon


making friends…again

6 Jan

Wow I have been on facebook chatting with people I went to uni with way back in 1993 God I cringe whenever I say 1993 and uni in the same sentence, makes me feel sooo old.  I was a bit apprehensive about talking to people just because it’s been so long but so far everyone has been cool as.
Today I spent some time surfing some creative blogs, one that I visited was Elizabeth Kartchner’s blog; she was 2007  Scrapbooker of the Year.  She has the most gorgeous little family and some fabulous photo’s on her blog.  I love checking on other scrapbookers blogs as everyone has their own style.  That’s something that always stumps me – I don’t think I have a certain style.  It’s like if someone asks me what my fashion style would be I couldn’t answer that one either.  One day it will be skater chick, the next flowing skirts or platform wedges.  I guess I could just say eclectic?



1. selecting or choosing from various sources.
2. made up of what is selected from different sources.
3. not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.
4. noting or pertaining to works of architecture, decoration, landscaping, etc., produced by a certain person or during a certain period, that derive from a wide range of historic styles, the style in each instance often being chosen for its fancied appropriateness to local tradition, local geography, the purpose to be served, or the cultural background of the client.


5. Also, ec⋅lec⋅ti⋅cist

[i-klek-tuh-sist] Show IPA Pronunciation . a person who follows an eclectic method, as in philosophy or architecture. 

Yes after reading that definition on dictionary.com I think I shall now refer to myself as an eclecticist.  Hmm bit of a mouthful though.
I finished another sample for Kyabram, the Fun in the Sun Stand Up Page.  I will post the photo tomorrow when I have some natural light to take it but for now here’s the bits and bobs I used to make it, courtesy of Kaszazz.  The Large Frangipanni’s are stamped on Java (mmmm) Bazzill and have had turquois  Perfect Pearls applied to them, ahh so pretty.  Not sure if it will show up properly…


Yes it did!  The hardware was originally gold but I painted it white with the snow cap Paint Dabber.  I really love working with Oatmeal cardstock.  I guess it’s the equivalent to what some people call kraft paper?  So very versatile and it makes colours really pop.  I used Oatmeal cardstock on my first workshop submission but alas I didn’t take a photo – what was I thinking – so you’ll have to send happy thoughts to Kaszazz in the hope they accept it.
chat soon

Christmas closes in…

15 Dec

Well it’s only 11 days till Christmas!  Amazing how those last few weeks just totally dissapear before your very eyes and you’re left in a total panic worrying if you’ve organised everything, and bought all the food and presents.  Well that’s me anyway – I’m sure a lot of you are super organised and are calmy floating through these few last days before Christmas feeling totally relaxed and enjoying every second.  Goal for next year – have everything organised for Christmas by November 30th.

I love Christmas though even if it might bring on my first grey hair this year.  The decorations, the food, spending quality time with friends and family.  It’s a very special time of year.  I’ve decided to record the twelve days of christmas starting yesterday and finishing on Christmas day.  I’ll take a photo and write notes each day and then compile it all in a mini book.  I got my inspiration from Ali Edwards December Daily but as the month is already halfway through I decided to keep it to 12 days.  I’m not sure if I should give it a theme like what I am thankful for each day?  We will see.  I will post my pictures up for you and try and take photo’s of the assembling of the book at the end.  i really like the idea of mixing and matching all the left over pockets, pieces and bits to make a book that’s full of variety like this one here.  The only thing is that Ali makes her album before she starts the photo taking and note taking so it’s all ready to go.  Sooo should I sit down and do the same or just compile it at the end?  Hmm some thinking to do on that one.

Tim Holtz has just finished his 12 Tags of Christmas for 2008 and I have a lot of interesting techniques and ideas that I want to have a play with.  Kaszazz stocks many of Tim’s products like Distress Inks and Distress Crackle Paint and more so it would be fantastic to show customers some new ideas for these products.  Tim’s blog is a mecca of information and his tutorials are clearly written and each step is photographed.  What a talented and generous guy!

Exciting news – I have finished one of my 2H Workshop Submissions and it will be tested this Wednesday.  Hopefully it won’t need much revision and I can send it in to Kaszazz.  I think it’s fabulous that Kaszazz Consultants can create workshops for Kaszazz and get paid for them.  And when they’re published your name goes on it too so it’s great recognition.  Once my workshop is published I will be able to post photo’s here for you.  I still have to write up my 5PQ and get it tested sometime soon.

Speaking of exciting news I am going to be teaching some Kaszazz workshops at the Kyabram Community and Learning Centre next February.  You can find more info here and I will list the dates on the blog also for easy reference.  I will be teaching 9 different workshops in total featuring various products and techniques so if you’re in the Kyabram area give them a call to book your seat, their phone number is 03 5852 0000.  Each workshop cost is exactly the same as the Kaszazz price listed on their website and includes tuition, materials and use of tools – super fantastic value!  To see photo’s of the projects simply note down the workshop name then log on to the Kaszazz website here and view the 2H Workshop Flyer – easy peasy!  I will be making up all the samples over the next few weeks so hopefully I can show you some pic’s of my progress.  I am so looking forward to it and I hope to see YOU there too.

I need to send out a Very Happy Birthday Wish for my dear friend Bettsy-Lou, aka Kylie who celebrated her birthday on the weekend.  Cheers to you lovely!

Today has dawned bright and sunny does this signify the end of our rain for summer?  It’s still fresh and breezy every morning and I’m jumping in and out of flannelette pyjama’s every night.  Very strange weather, they say Christmas Day will be our hottest in the last few years but I have my doubts.  So roast or bbq Christmas Lunch that is the question!

Stay safe


ps I am going to see Twilight tomorrow night – I finished the book a few weeks ago and can’t wait to see it.

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