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ready for market

1 Dec

One more sleep until the Myrtleford Cotters Market and I’m happy to say I am organised.  Can you believe it?  I almost can’t.  All my stock is made and packaged (quite cutely if I say so myself) and I had a dry run of my table set up.  And photographed it so I don’t forget what goes where.  I’m excited and just hope the weather holds up as it’s an outside market.  Yes I know it’s the start of summer but our weather has been a fickle lady of late.  It would be great if it was hot tomorrow as the market is under the lovely shady trees down by the creek.  Everyone please cross your fingers for me!


That’s some of my packaging right there, I had it all set up assembly style and noticed how lovely the colours looked stacked together.  Anyway if you’re in the area tomorrow pop down and say hi.


still here

11 Jun

Please excuse my absence of late.  I have been hard presed to find any time to blog what with all the birthdays and travelling and such.  The weekend in Myrtelford was great.  We stayed at my Aunt’s spare house (?!) which was lovely as we had it all to ourselves, it made it really feel like we were on holidays.  Catching up with family was fun too and we took the puppy dogs with us for a change.  I’m happy to say they behaved themselves very well and there were no little accidents or incidents the whole trip!

This weekend we are back over there for a 21st.  Yes when it rains it pours, and if you live in NE Victoria this has been literal the past week.  So there’s hasn’t been any spare time for scrapping or crafting at all.  I haven’t even been able to work on my secret project!  I am hoping next week I will be back in the swing of things and be able to get some posts with photos up here so please bear with me.

In other news I have been successful in reconnecting with many old friends through facebook.  It’s quite amazing really.  It’s so much fun reminicsing about the daggy high school years!

til next time


quick hello

4 Jun

Yes dear friends it will only be brief but I promise I’ll be back again as soon as I have things under control.  I am very busy working on some secret projects right now, they are so secret that I can’t even show you photos yet!  I’m really happy with what I’ve made so far, just hope the recipient likes it!

This Friday night is of course our monthly crop night at Sharynnes place.  We will be testing out a new workshop designed by one of our fellow consultants. I also have my night planned out to make some gifts for my Aunt who will celebrate her 60th birthday this weekend.  That’s not so secret {I’m fairly sure she doesn’t read my blog or get on the internet that much…I hope!} so I’ll be able to post photos of those creations.  I am looking forward to catching up with my family and friends in Myrtleford this weekend.  And hurrah it’s a long weekend….God save the Queen hee hee!

I was looking at Kaszazz reports the other day and saw that Katherine, my downline and sister-in-law had a fantastic month.  She only did two parties but her sales were excellent and she got workshop bookings from them too.  Congrats Katherine, you are doing so well!

This week on Blog Wars the girls are tackling “Once was White”, it’s not so much a product of the week more a technique I guess you’d say.  I would love to participate but time is scarce around here right now.  Maybe I’ll whip something up Friday night!  Anyway go check out what they’ve been creating for this challenge, links are over to the right.

I did say this was going to be short…so I’d better go now


birthday presents from a scrapbooker

7 Mar

Morning all,

Well the weather has certainly taken an about face into the cold.  A shock to the system after the heatwave we had!  So does anyone else eat more chocolate when the weather is colder?  It’s not just me right?  Anyway I have a couple of family birthdays coming up in the next few days and for my uncle and granma I have decided to give them a block of yummy chocolate.  As the years go by it’s often hard to keep thinking of presents to buy people, especially if you’re like me and like to give a present that is wanted or needed.  And as people get older there’s really not much else they need right?  Except a treat – everyone always needs a treat!  This is also a great economical gift to give in these hard times and with some scraps from your stash and a matching card I personally think it makes a delightful gift (hint hint, my birthday is in April! ha ha).

So last night at our monthly consultant crop night at Sharynnes I made the gifts and here they are in all there splendour…

birthday gift and matching card
birthday gift and matching card
For my uncle’s I used papers from the new Kaszazz My Boy! range (see not just for kids).  Please overlook the unmatched blue cardstock – I was using up scraps after all.
matching chocolate block wrapper and card

matching chocolate block wrapper and card

With Granma’s I took inspiration from the Ebony and Ivory Bling Cards workshop which I taught on Wednesday night to my Numurkah gals.  I’m really happy with how all of these turned out and I would reccomend it to everyone as a fairly simple project with great results.  I would advise the use of a bone scorer to get those nice crisp edges on the chocolate block wrapper (and the card too of course), it makes life a lot easier.
I have been working on a post about un-mounted rubber stamps, a bit of a how to and why, so I’ll get that up as soon as I can.  BUT I am heading to Myrtleford to give these gifts to their recipients this weekend so we will just see.  I also have my cousins birthday (my uncle’s daughter) and she’s a bit of a scrapper too so guess what’s she’s getting?  It will be nice to head back to the home town for a bit of R & R and catching up with the family.
’til next time

friday fives

19 Sep

as I sit here munching my coco pops (not my usual breakfast food) I’m thinking I need a list day, you know where we all write a little list on a certain day?  So welcome to friday fives and here are the catergories…

1. food of the week – what had you begging for more?

2. music – what’s been tickling your ears fancy?

3. books, movies, tv, games – what kept you entertained?

4. thing – what product are you loving right now?

5. website of the week – found anything interesting?


okay so the list is relevant on the past week from Saturday to today; Friday and every Friday we put up our new list.  So mine will be here somewhere and I’ll try not to forget and you guys just write yours in the comments.  Easy right?  Here we gooooooooooooooooo

1. home made salad sandwiches with beetroot, mmmmmm it feels like summer already

2. Electric Feel by MGMT sooo funky love it love it love it

3. can’t remember which night it was but we got out the old Pictionary and Scattergories and had a ball

4. I have to mention my favorite lip balm of all time, Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, can’t get enough of that menthol tingle ahhhh

5. absolutely must shout out to threadless, they make tee shirts designed by anyone who wants to have a go, they are wicked cool.  I have three and I know I should have bought a bunch more when the aussie dollar was good but funds were tight.  Yep they are an American deal but the prices are actually not bad if you compare them to print tees from some of our middle range trendy stores.  Here’s a crazy story; I was wearing my threadless Motovino tee on a trip to Myrtleford (pop. 3500) when a teenage guy came up wearing the same tee (all designs are unisex) how out there is that?  I felt like we were in an exclusive “cool” club, it was so fun.


See how easy was that?  Ok now it’s your turn – can’t wait to see your friday fives.



ps I just checked out threadless and Motovino is going for USD$9.00 in a girly size XL – about our 12-14

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