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more Christmas cards…

2 Dec

Continuing on from my post last week here is some more last minute inspiration for you…

This is Kaszazz workshop 2H491.  I love the use of pink and green and you know I am fond of polka dots!  I was thinking these could be adapted for any occasion by swaping the Christmas tree stamp with something more generic.  Aren’t they lovely?

These ones below are workshop 2H425 and I think they are perfect for a modern Christmas.  Fluid chalks are used to give that lovely bright yet soft effect.

From the scraps I quickly whipped up two extra cards, so this is a great value workshop.

So what are your thoughts on these contemporary Christmas cards?  Are you more the tradition type?  Share your thoughts and links with us in the comments section.

Ho ho ho

Kris xox


Handmade Christmas Decorations

7 Dec

I wanted to share some decorations I made recently.  I had a lot of fun doing these and am rather chuffed with how they came out.  I took some inspiration from Naomi Elliot who featured a Christmas decoration made from the Kaszazz chipboard scallop.  I actually loathed these scallops when they came out as I thought they were pretty useless but now I will eat my words…I love them!  And now I have lots of ideas on how to use them.  Isn’t it funny, sometimes you just need to see something through another persons eyes.

This one I made for my Mum as her favorite colour is blue (sorry for the bluryness).  I love this and am thinking I need to make another one for me to keep!

This shabby chic style pink ornament is the first one I made and I will keep for myself.  I’m thinking of hanging it on the front door perhaps instead of the tradtional wreath, it’s looks nice there!  I love how the black takes the pink from girly girl to classic.

This last one I made in traditional Christmas colours and I am sending it to a swap-bot friend.  The colour is a bit off as I took the photo inside at night 😦

I used all Kaszazz products for these including the new Christmas stamps, design adhesives, glitter, embossing powders, distress crackle paint and distress ink.  I love them all and only wish I had time to make more before the big day!  I’d love to know what you think of my ornaments, so…

So how is your Christmas decorating going?  Do you put up a tree and lights?  Have you made any of your own decorations this year?  I plan on putting our tree up in the next few days as I want to be able to enjoy it for longer this year!  I am also thinking of whipping up some scrapbook paper garlands as they appear to be rather easy…I’ll let you know how that goes ha ha!



Blog Wars and cheaper Kaszazz products!

28 Oct

Hiya folks!

Today I have some cards to share with you that I made for the Blog War Challenge a week or so ago that I never got to post.  The Challenge was glitter and double sided sticker paper (jac paper).  Now I thought it would be a great opportunity to buy some of the new glitters that Kaszazz has brought out and to use them with the new Design Adhesives.  If you haven’t heard of Design Adhesives they are essentially a double sided sticky image, many of them are in our much loved rollergraph designs and there’s a few new ones too.  You get four sheets of them in a pack and most designs can be cut up to use individually which makes them terrific value.  I am really into these little beauties!

I bought two of the new glitters and let me tell you they are SPARKLY!  I got Sparkling Amethyst a dazzling, vibrant pinky purple and Peridot a knock-your-socks-off bright green.  The colours are so rich that I can’t wait to add more to my collection – especially now the price has been reduced!  Yes you read that right, don’t adjust your computer screens it is not a misprint ha ha.  Due to a few reasons Kaszazz has LOWERED the price on many products including glitters, design adhesives, embossing powders, ink pads, ribbons and lots more.  It mostly the things that come from the USA as our dollar is performing so superbly.  You will be happy to know that now as well as great service from your consultant you can get products that are on par or cheaper than the shops and on line.  How awesome is that?  Makes my job even easier not to mention more spare change for me to spend on more product!  If you need a copy of the new prices please drop me a line to krismarr(at)iprimus(dot)com(dot)au and i’ll email it to you pronto.

Okay now on to the cards…


Aren’t these the most happy shiny Christmas cards you’ve ever seen?  It was a bit hard to get the detail and sparkles in the photo but you get the jist of it.  I love the bright fun colours, something a little different for Christmas cards eh?  So what do you think?  Love them?  Too bright?  Do you like traditional cards or modern when it comes to Christmas?  I like them all really but using different colours is a nice change.



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