Kaszazz Conference 09 } Hollywood Glamour

23 Mar

Me with Peter and Karen Stock - the awesome directors!

Wow I was blown away by conference – almost literally as the Melbourne weather was pretty pitiful!  I am so glad that I made the effort to go – if there’s any Kaszazz consultants out there wondering whether it’s really worth it, I can answer with a resounding YES.  Here’s a quick run down (I don’t want to bore the non Kaszazzers)…

  • first of all we headed to Stitches and Craft on Friday which was so so so good, I wish I’d had more time and I will definitely go next year.  Lots of amazing aussie crafters and I got to see the indie craft movie “Handmade Nation” (link is to book – sorry can’t find one for the movie) which was awesome.  I could have gone totally berserk and bought everything I liked but I reigned myself in – I do have all their websites tucked safely away for future purchasing though.


  • that night we invited two creative genius consultants Naomi Elliot and Cheryl Devlin to join our group for dinner.  You may recognise their names from many many Kaszazz workshop creations.  They were both simply lovely people and we all hit it off really well.


Naomi and I

Naomi and I

  • Saturday was full on!  After the intro from Karen Stock we got stuck into making the Bella Friendship Album a new workshop (by Cheryl) using the brand new products from our mini release.  It’s totally gorgeous as you will see in my photos later. 


  • There was an inspiring business session from Peter Stock then it was time to head back to the apartment to get glammed up for the Hollywood themed dinner.  Our little group (Sharynne, Lyn, Nadia and I) relaxed a bit too much and we got in a last minute flap as we ran out of time. 

Our Posse!


  • We got a somewhat drenched going from the taxi to the CQ building (about five paces) and I realised I left my sparkly cardi at the apartment but we got there and were wowed by some of the costumes.


  • There must have been about 15 Marilyn Monroe’s swanning about and Dorothy was there too with Toto!  The venue looked fabulous and there were life size cardboard cut outs of many of the old movie stars which made for heaps of great photo ops.  It was such a fun night.


  • On Sunday I found it hard to keep my eyes propped open while we made Naomi’s (beautiful) Whimsical Love workshop so lucky for me I won all the tools which meant I could easily finish it at home (Yay).


  • In the afternoon we were treated to an inspirational session presented by Anne Howie a party plan guru.  After listening to Anne I went out and grabbed a copy of her book Let’s Get the Party Started.  I’ve already read through it once and now I’m going through each chapter and doing the exercises.  I love it – if there’s any consultants reading this post (not just Kaszazz – any party plan) I can highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book.  It will help you on so many levels.


  • At the end of such a mind expanding weekend I have come away feeling very excited and positive about my business and I’m making a commitment right here and now to become a “business builder”.  This is not just a hobby for me – it’s my life!  I’ve finally found my dream job and I’m going to make it happen!!

So that was my Kaszazz Conference 09 in a nutshell.  Just awesome.  If anyone (consultant or otherwise) wants to know more please drop me a line in the comments.



One Response to “Kaszazz Conference 09 } Hollywood Glamour”

  1. Naomi Elliott March 24, 2009 at 12:43 pm #

    Hi Kris, love your version of the conference, makes me want to be there again!!!!

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